February 5 horoscope virgo

You and your bae might be considering making a big investment together which could involve moving in together or purchasing some form of insurance.

Either way, all systems are go. If single, you could attract someone in a way that feels fated. Be clear about what you want. It's possible that you could meet someone with long-term romantic potential by way of an online profile or through someone you know. Meanwhile, when it comes to getting an idea off of the ground look towards collaborating with someone that can help.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope – February 12222

Think outside the box. When's the last time you treated yourself to something nice? Today might be a good time to do so.

You deserve a reward for all of the hard work you've been putting in lately. Speaking of work, you could manifest a raise or a job that pays more money. Just make sure to honor your worth.

The moon is in Capricorn today.

Romance is in the air today. Though it might not be so much as falling in love with another person so much as it is about falling in love with yourself. In what ways can you make self-love a priority today?

Daily Horoscope February 5, 2017: Virgo

On a slightly different note, be open to the new experiences others want to bring you. It's time to take it easy today, or at the very least find a way to strike a healthy balance between your workload and your need for rest.


Your Horoscopes — Week Of February 5,

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Virgo Daily Horoscope for February 5

Any child-related issues should be more easily negotiated and resolved. Good news really is possible.

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Ditto if you are working on an artistic or creative project. Your ability should be extra high — now all you need to do is discipline yourself to harness your extra creative ability! We are still very much in the New Moon phase so there is still time to make your wishes — try my free New Moon Wishing Guide here.